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Fountain pen for school use

For children learning to write at the age of 6 to 7, Lamy has developed the LAMY abc learn-to-write fountain pen. Its features are precisely tailored to the needs of this target group. For example, the abc fountain pen has an ergonomic grip and a robust stainless steel nib that will not break even if handled inexpertly.

The workmanship of the fountain pen body is also unique here; it is made of maple wood, the feel of which is likely to be familiar to children from their kindergarten days. To prevent the fountain pen from rolling off the table, a colored cube has been attached to the rear end. The abc learn-to-write fountain pen is available in blue and red. So that the fountain pen can be clearly assigned to its owner, the name of the child can be entered in the name tag on the lid.

The Lamy fountain pen is available for slightly older kids or for children who will not start writing with a fountain pen until a little later. It too has a resistant stainless steel nib, available in various nib strengths, but the container itself is made of aluminum. The latter makes the fountain pen very light and prevents fatigue. Due to the special triangular shape, the nexx fountain pen fits very well in the hand. In addition to the right-handed and left-handed versions, it is available with blue, green, pink and red caps.

For the secondary school career, students may choose from various Lamy fountain pen models. The classic among them, perhaps familiar to some from their own school days, is the LAMY safari. It is available in many bright colors and, apart from the steel nib, is made of ABS plastic.

If you don't like plastic, you might prefer the no less colorful LAMY AL-star, whose body is made of aluminum. Only the handle of this fountain pen is made of plastic.

The LAMY joy is certainly a special gift for gifted and frequent writers, because with the extra-wide nib, beautiful writing par excellence can be practiced and letter writing is twice as much fun. The long shape of the fountain pen, which narrows towards the end, stands out in particular, lies excellently in the hand and perhaps inspires the user to particularly creative ideas.

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